Saving energy at home made easy

Do you know which household appliances eat up the most electricity at home and how easy it is to curb their appetite? We’ve put together a selection of energy-saving tips you might find useful.

Circular graphic depicting percentual parts of largest energy consuming devices in homes.© BMWK, based on BDEW data, last modified 3/2021

These are the biggest energy guzzlers in private households

Large household appliances and consumer electronics consume the most energy. IT equipment, TV and audio equipment are the biggest cost drivers on your electricity bill, accounting for 28 per cent of the average total electricity consumption of households. Washing machines and tumble dryers account for a whopping 14 percent, followed by lighting (13%), the use of refrigerators and freezers (11%), cookers with electric hobs (9%) and dishwashers (8%). Other consumption accounts for 17%. The good news is that even by following simple energy-saving tips, electricity consumption and your electricity bill can be reduced.