What the press say

This time in 'What the press say': The reason why many Germans are modernising their heating systems during the pandemic, and why offshore wind power should make us optimistic about the energy transition.

Bild zeigt Zeitungsstapel© fotolia/Knipserin

'Tagesschau’ news programme, 15 March 2021: ‘Energy transition in our home heating systems'

According to the Tagesschau news programme, many Germans have used the time in lockdown to modernise or replace their heating systems. Heat pumps and wood pellets come top in the list of new sources of home heating (in German only).

Handelsblatt, 4 March 2021: 'The boom of offshore wind-power can make us optimistic about the energy transition'

In a commentary column, the Handelsblatt newspaper discussed European offshore windfarms. The author comes to the conclusion that these are exactly the form of climate action that is needed (in German only).