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Infographic shows: The energy transition across the German Länder in figures.
Energy Transition

The energy transition across the German Länder

Different approaches – one goal: all German Länder are working towards transforming their energy supply – irrespective of the parties they are governed by. However, different environments mean different strategies. A new report sheds light on the current state of play. Find out more

Woman sitting on a couch using a tablet.
Electricity market

How much renewable energy is being fed into the grid right now?

The Bundesnetzagentur publishes data about the electricity market virtually in real time on its SMARD online platform. The SMARD platform provides information about the amount of electricity that is being fed into the grid, consumed or exported as well as on wholesale prices and back-up capacity, and has made it into the final round of the Digital Leader Awards. Find out more

Wind turbines, solar panels and powerlines under blue sky.
Energy policy

Monitoring report: increased use of renewables, but a lot remains to be done

Today, one in three kilowatt-hours comes from renewable energy. However, as shown by the new monitoring report, a lot remains to be done in order to make a success of the energy transition. Find out more

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier

Quote of the week

“By reaching an agreement on the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Directive, Europe and Germany are paving the way for the next ten years of the energy transition. In addition to this, the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union provides the EU for the first time with a sophisticated planning and monitoring tool for the energy sector. This clearly shows that Europe is taking its responsibility to protect the climate seriously and is able to take action.”

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier on the agreement that was reached on the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” legislative package

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