Illustration: Planet Earth on grass.

The global energy transition

The International Energy Agency stresses the need for a global energy transition. The international community needs to move beyond their current pledges and transform the energy sector even further. Only this way can global warming be limited to a maximum of two degrees Celsius. Find out more

Snowboarder boarding down a hill.

A great leap forward

Snowboards manufactured in a high-efficiency workshop – CAPITA MFG won the first prize in the 2016 Energy Efficiency Award hosted by the German Energy Agency (dena) for their pioneering energy concept. Find out more

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Illustration: Magnifying glass focusing in on a solar thermal panels on a roof.
Heat Transition

What exactly is “solar thermal energy”?

Everybody knows that the sun gives off heat. But how do we use solar energy to heat up water for our central heating system or generate heat to run industrial processes? The answer can be found below. Find out more

Salaheddine Mezouar, Foreign Minister of Algeria and COP22 President

Quote of the week

“The Paris accord has entered into force and that creates a responsibility for countries and civil societies. We are in a fight for our planet and our future, not a political debate.”

Salaheddine Mezouar, Foreign Minister of Algeria and COP22 President

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  • Denmark opens up PV auctions to German bidders

    Germany has recently opened up a PV auction to operators of PV installations from Denmark. Now Denmark has opened up an auction, allowing German operators to participate. Bids can be placed up until 8 December 2016. The deadline for the German auction was 23 November 2016.

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