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Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel signing a range of political declarations aimed at strengthening regional cooperation on supply security for electricity at the Pentalateral Energy Forum in Luxembourg.

Mr Gabriel, how does Germany benefit from cooperation on energy?

"Regional cooperation means that we can help each other", Minister Gabriel said underlining the significance of the energy cooperation of the 'electrical neighbours'. Three questions asked by journalists on the margins of the EU Energy Ministers Council. Find out more

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Infografik zeigt, welche energetischen Maßnahmen Bewohner von Effizienzhäusern laut einer dena-Umfrage wieder umsetzen würden.
Energy-efficient building renovation

dena survey: convincing results

They would do it again: people who live in Efficiency Houses are extremely happy with the results of the measures they have taken to make their homes more energy-efficient. Nicer room temperatures, better air quality – 94 per cent of those surveyed say they’d recommend the retrofitting measures to others. Find out more

Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel speaking at the National Conference on Electric Mobility in Berlin.
Electric Mobility

Gabriel: We need to set the right market incentives

Most electric cars come from Germany. Speaking at the National Conference on Electric Mobility which took place from 15-16 June 2015 in Berlin, Minister Gabriel said that there is no other country that develops, produces and sells such a wide range of electric cars as Germany, and that the task now is to get more electric cars onto the roads. Find out more

Sigmar Gabriel handing over the symbolic solar map at the launch of the "week of sun and pellets" together with (from left to right) Carsten Körnig, CEO, German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar), Martin Bentele, CEO, German Energy Wood & Pellet Ass.

Gabriel: Solar energy sector is surprisingly innovative

At the trade fair Intersolar in Munich, Minister Gabriel praised the solar energy sector's high capacity to innovate and great flexibility. It has produced highly efficient, marketable technologies. Only a few years ago, nobody would have believed in this development. Find out more

Strommasten bei Sonnenuntergang

Daily electricity demand forecasting with artificial intelligence

The amount of electricity generated in Germany sometimes differs from actual demand – which can be higher or lower than expected. To stabilise the grid and energy supply, so-called balancing capacity has to be made available. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has allocated funding of €570,000 to a research project with the goal of accurately forecasting nation-wide balancing capacity on a daily basis. Find out more

Stefanie Jank, Projektleiterin co2online

Quote of the week

"By having your heating bill looked over by experts, you can find out whether you could permanently lower the cost of your heating. Tenants and property owners who do this now will have enough time to gather tips on how to get the best out of their heating system and make it ready for next winter."

Stefanie Jank, Project Director co2online Find out more

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  • EU publishes progress report on renewable energy

    The European Union wants to raise the share of renewables in its final energy consumption to 20% by 2020. A report published by the European Commission detailing the progress made on the renewables targets for 2020 found that both the EU and the vast majority of Member States are well on course to achieve the target.

  • Second round of auctions for ground-mounted PV installations

    Who will bid less? Last week, the Federal Network Agency, a separate higher federal authority within the scope of business of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, ensuring compliance with the Energy Act (EnWG), launched the second round of the auction for ground-mounted photovoltaic installations. Up until 3 August, bids can be placed for a total of 150 megawatts of PV capacity for which financial support is available. The Federal Network Agency has announced that it will keep a very close eye on bidders to ensure that they play by the rules.

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