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Illustration: Erneuerbare Energien, Stromnetz und Verbraucher unter einer Lupe
Grid expansion

What exactly are ‘HVDC transmission lines’?

The grid expansion will increase the number of HVDC transmission lines. But what do these four letters stand for? Read on and find out. Find out more

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Infograph shows how companies can reduce energy costs through efficient techologies.
Economic factor

Beating the competition by being efficient

Companies that reduce their energy costs not only drive forward the energy transition but also boost their competitiveness. Oftentimes, the costs can be reduced by one to two thirds. Find out more

Andreas Kuhlmann, Chairman of the Executive Board, German Energy Agency (dena)

Quote of the week

‘Just a few years ago, energy efficiency was regarded as a boring aspect of renewable energy. Today we know that energy efficiency is a driving force for innovation. More and more companies are realising this, and boosting efficiency has become easier with digitisation.’

Andreas Kuhlmann, Chief Executive, German Energy Agency (dena)

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  • Germany helps Jordan restructure its energy sector

    Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel and Nasser Judeh, Jordan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, launched an energy dialogue last week. Germany wants to help Jordan restructure its energy sector.

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